Swaddling helps comfort newborns. Many babies sleep more soundly when they are swaddled, and they feel secure because they do not startle as often. As such, a swaddling blanket can make a really great gift for a mom-to-be, perhaps for her baby shower. There are, however, a few tips you will want to follow when selecting a swaddle blanket and giving it as a gift.

Opt for a traditional swaddling blanket.

There are a lot of different types of swaddling blankets on the market. The more specialized ones, however, are designed to only be wrapped in certain ways. A mom who has been swaddling for a while and who has figured out what works best for her and her baby may want to buy one of these more specialized swaddles. But when you're buying for a new mom, you're best off buying a traditional swaddle—one that she can use in a few different ways and experiment with a bit. Traditional swaddles are basically big, thin blankets. They are made from materials that are easy to launder, soft on babies' bodies, and resistant to stains.

Opt for a neutral color.

A swaddling blanket is something that the baby will often go out of the house in. The mom may send it with a babysitter or wrap the baby in it before heading off to the grocery store. So, you really want this blanket to be a color that matches most other things the baby has and uses. A pale green is pretty neutral and will match most things. You could also choose a rainbow pattern if you think the mom will prefer a brighter look. Stay away, though, from options like bright purple and solid yellow, which would clash with a lot of things.

Include a book about swaddling.

It can take a new mom some time to learn how to swaddle and learn the way her baby prefers to be swaddled. So, include a book on swaddling with your gift of a swaddling blanket. This will give her an easy resource to refer to. And these days, moms really appreciate resources that are in the factual book form rather than online.

If you choose a traditional blanket in a neutral color, and if you give a book alongside the blanket, a swaddling blanket can be a lovely baby shower gift. The mom-to-be will appreciate it, and so will their little one.