Diamond jewelry can really make a statement as a fantastic gift. This article can give you a lot of great tips on different types of diamond jewelry that you can give for different occasions that will likely be a huge hit.

A diamond engagement ring

If you are going to be proposing to your partner, then you should seriously consider doing it with a diamond ring, unless you know that your partner truly doesn't like diamonds. Since diamond rings are the standard in engagement rings, many would feel as if they got a bit cheated if their engagement ring didn't include a diamond. While you may also want to have the ring include their other favorite stones, having a diamond as the center-stone may be a great way to go.

A diamond accented necklace charm

There are a lot of times when giving someone a diamond accented necklace charm is a great idea. One example of a time when someone may love to be given one of these charms as a gift is when it is a charm that depicts their name. Another would be when it also includes their children's birthstones, as well as a diamond. You can also give someone a lovely heart charm with diamond accents that makes it really shine. You can give this gift for many reasons, including for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any other day that is a celebratory one.

A diamond baby bracelet

If you are looking for a unique gift to give someone after the birth of their baby, then you can give them something special when you give them a baby bracelet that depicts the baby's name. Since most parents love to dress their babies up for pictures and have the pictures look fantastic, they will like to be able to include that great diamond baby bracelet into their baby's pictures.

A set of diamond stud earrings

The great thing about diamond stud earrings is they can make great gifts for many people for many reasons. They can be given to an adult for an anniversary, to a teenager when they get good grades for the entire school year, and even to a younger child for their birthday. In most cases, diamond earrings will be given as a set, but for some people who have only one pierced ear, it may present best to give them a single diamond ear ring.