Diamonds, sapphire, gold, and other costly jewelry pieces are a joy to receive and purchase. However, as you look at yourself wearing your new pieces, you may find you're becoming concerned that they won't always look as beautiful as they do now. Without care, your stones and precious metals may look dull, become scratched, or otherwise fall into disrepair. Luckily, simple actions like these enable you to preserve your jewels.

1. Utilize Decent Storage

If you're just putting your expensive necklaces, bracelets, and rings on a side table, you could be storing them better. Leaving pieces out in open air means that dust, however little, can collect on each piece; in addition, they can also rub against the table or other pieces and become scratched. 

Most of your most precious pieces should be kept individually in silk or satin-lined pouches where they can avoid contact with other objects. Necklaces should be laid out or hung in such a way that tangles aren't possible. 

2. Take Care During Wear

Mindfulness during wear is a smart way to preserve expensive jewelry. You may think nothing of wearing your wedding ring at all times, for example, but slipping it off for some situations is wise. If you already know your property has hard water, consider how mineral buildup could affect a necklace if you wear it in the shower each night. If you're a makeup aficionado, think of how your powder foundation or loose powder might affect a stunning necklace you like to wear. The more you're able to think twice about the situations in which you wear precious jewelry, the more you can anticipate problems and protect each piece.

3. Clean Them Properly

Most jewelry owners become nervous about the idea of cleaning their own jewelry. Even commercially marketed cleaners might not be suitable for your particular jewelry; you must feel strongly confident about a product before attempting to put it on your jewelry.

Luckily, a simple cleaning choice is to sit down with warm water and some of the dish soap you use for family dishes. A mixture of those items can be put in a bowl, and with a new toothbrush, used to gently cleanse and scrub rings and other jewelry. Use purified water if the house only has hard water coming from its faucets.

Your mindful use, storage, and cleaning of the pieces you own will keep them looking shiny and bright. Seek jewelry servicing regularly; a professional eye on the stones and metals can prevent serious damage and provide more maintenance guidance.