Maybe you inherited your mother's old vacuum or perhaps you've just been lucky enough to hang onto the same vacuum for a lot of years. Either way, the only problem with this is vacuums, just like other types of home equipment, frequently stop being manufactured by the same companies. Unfortunately, this means when you need replacement bags for your machine, you may have a hard time finding them bearing the model name. Using a filter bag that doesn't quite fit your vacuum cleaner can mean you run into all kinds of problems, from the vacuum not picking up dirt to it spewing dust out when it's on. Here are a few tips to help you find vacuum filter bags for an older model vacuum cleaner:

Look up the manufacturer first and reach out to them. 

Sometimes, even if a manufacturer of a vacuum is no longer actually producing the same model, they can still give you insight about it to help you find the filter bags you need. You can look up the manufacturer online and you may even be able to find them on social media so you can easily send them an email or a message. If you can find a phone number for the manufacturer, give them a call and see what they have to say. They may be able to help you find a vacuum that is similar in design so you can get the bags you need. 

Check with a vacuum sales and service center. 

Because vacuums are such a necessary piece of equipment for the modern home, there are actually a lot of sales and service centers that focus solely on vacuum cleaner parts and repair, which includes providing filter bags. If contacting the manufacturer is impossible because they are no longer in business, contacting a vacuum sales and service center is your next best option. 

Measure an old bag and snap a pic of it to take with you to the store. 

If worse comes to worst and neither the manufacturer or a vacuum sales and service center cannot help, your next viable option will be to make do with what you can find. In general, there are a limited number of filter bag types that are made to fit certain types of vacuum clean designs. Even if you cannot find an exact match bearing the model name, you should be able to find a generic bag that is designed to be universal so it fits multiple models. 

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